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Hi, I am William Schneider the developer of this website and longtime member of the club. I built this website to support the existing community and help bring in new members. Growing up the Hilltoppers gave me something to look forward to, even in the Cleveland winters. I am a computer science major at Ohio State University and looking to gain real-world experience. The website was built using WordPress and custom code. If anything looks out of place contact me and I will find time to fix it willschneider15@gmail.com. Other than that I hope to see y’all on the trails!

Thanks and have a good day,


5 thoughts on “Welcome To The New Site”

  1. Good job, Will! The site looks good. I built the first club website (long gone) as an assignment for an internet class I took in the ‘90s. It had much of the same stuff on board, but that was long before Hilltoppers came to be. Good luck in your studies. Carpe’ Skium! – M. Foley

    1. Thanks, Mike! I am impressed that you built a website in the ’90s. It must have been more difficult with fewer tools available. But I hope all is well with you, and to see you on the trails soon.

  2. Will,

    I like the site. We need SEO. I think the calendar can be scrolled backwards but not forward. Looking at September in month view, i cannot see how to scroll forward to October.

    1. I haven’t looked at the SEO in a while because my studies have interfered. I will keep trying to push up the rankings after midterms this week.

  3. According to the head of the Cleveland Sports Commission, David Gilbert, there will be another International Childrens Winter Games in Peyongchang, Korea in January 2021. This international competition is open to youth ages 12-15. We have sent some of our skiers to the ICG since 2011 in Kelowna, BC. Other locations have been in Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia in 2013; Innsbruck, Austria in 2016 and Lake Placid, New York in 2019.

    All young skiers who will not turn 16 years old before December 31, 2020 and be older than 12 are encouraged to apply to represent the Club and Team Cleveland at the Peyongchang Games. We will start getting ready this winter.

    We have participated in cross country skiing and biathlon.

    Please let us know if you are interested in going to ski in Korea. Contact Coach Catherine or Coach Jim at jlsgwright@visn.net.

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